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Highlights of Doug Newstead Luncheon

With over 30 years of experience in the industry Doug started his speech talking about the essence that makes Calgary Co-op so unique in their approach towards their members and employees. Between Alberta’s top employers for 7 consecutive years Calgary Co-op has over 3 thousand employees and Doug was proud to share that he was close to them and their history with Calgary Co-op.

A member owned cooperative which has been present in Calgarian families for generations Calgary Co-op is committed with local suppliers and charities. Their initiative of getting closer to local producers, so close that employees get to plant and experience the contact with their supplier’s challenges, is admirable. He stated that Calgary Co-op is the right size to support those producers and distribute their crops to over 300,000 people focusing on their development and sustainability.

He spoke about the Taradale store closure due to not reaching the expected results but surprised us with the information that all the employees were reallocated and no one lost their jobs.

Today Calgary Co-op has 23 grocery stores, 30 wine, spirits and beer stores having some specialized in scotch and wine; 32 gas bars with full service 3 home care health centers and 1 Cannabis store.

Proud of their pharmacy and the many services they provide to their members Doug spoke of his plans of development and growth. Focus on Fresh and the best Alberta beef cuts, their objective is to be know for supporting local and those items will always have a special place in Calgary Co-op’s shelves.

E-commerce is on the way and they have taken their time so they can be the best on it.

It was great to be around Doug and his team and hear the questions that our colleagues at the industry had.

We would like to thank Matt Brown our Master of Ceremonies and the CFDE board for the incredible work putting this luncheon together.

We cannot wait for CFDE’s next Luncheon! Stay tuned!

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